Thursday, August 16, 2012

Remote Control infra Merah Sederhana

By using the NE 555 and LM 567, we can make the system infra red remote control. Remote control works based on this reading frequency signal that is sent, so that the transmitter frequency signal must be the same as the receive frequency. Frequency on the remote control transmitter is determined by the value R1 and C1 based on the following equation:

Skema Rangkaian Remote Control Transmitter

As mentioned above, the remote control must have the same frequency with the frequency transmitted by the transmitter chain. Recipient of this frequency range can be determined with the following equation:

Skema Rangkaian penerima Remote Control

To simplify the process of tunning, R1 at the recipient install a remote control in the variable resistor (VR). while the transmitter constant value (resisitor tetep / normal). If a circuit of remote control has been completed on the raft, to know whether a circuit of working well, the first step must be done is make tunning, with the transmitter is turned on continuously, while R1 is set so that the recipient can detect the signal transmitter. If the tuning is successful, the relay recipient akan romote control switch position (nye-Tech), when it has happened means that a circuit of remote control is working well. to the next can try pressing the switch on the remote control at the sender (transmitter). should switch on when the press kutup relay at the remote recipients will move kutup (nye-Tech).

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