Monday, August 13, 2012

Analisis Loop/Mesh Pada Rangkaian Elektronika

type='html'>Analisis Loop/Mesh Pada Rangkaian Elektronika

Stages to implement the Loop Analysis / Mesh is this:
1. Determine the direction of flow in each loop in the series. Usually selected with the clockwise direction.
2. Determine the polarity of each element in the series.
a. In the source: cash flow from the polarity (-) to the polarity (+)
b. In the burden: cash flow from the polarity (+) to the polarity (-)
3. Apply Kirchoff Voltage Law in each loop is in series, so that equality of the number of the loop.
4. Complete the simultaneous equation.

Decide which is the current flowing in each loop of the following series!
Analisis Loop/Mesh

specify the first flow direction in each loop. We select the direction of the finger so that it becomes a series:
Analisis Loop/Mesh

By applying Kirchoff voltage law to each loop is
Analisis Loop/Mesh
Analisis Loop/Mesh

With substitution and eleminasi second loop equation is:
Analisis Loop/Mesh

Equality of loop I1
Analisis Loop/Mesh

Simultans that equality can also be obtained by using matrix algebra with the first claim to the loop equation in the form of a matrix as follows:
Analisis Loop/Mesh

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