Sunday, June 24, 2012

BA5417 Stereo Power Amplifier Circuit

BA5417 stereo amplifier circuit has of good features like thermal shut down, standby function, soft clipping, wide operating voltage range etc. The circuit can be deliver 5W × 2 when VCC = 12V and RL = 4Ω, or 2.8W x 2 when VCC = 9V RL = 3Ω.This and amplifier circuit has excellent sound quality, and low THD (total harmonic distortion) around 0.1% at F = 1kHz; Pout = 0.5W
BA5417 Stereo Power Amplifier Circuit
C-in are DC decoupling capacitors which block any DC level present in the input signals. C3 and C5 couples the amplifiers left and right power outputs to the corresponding loud speakers. C2 and C6 are bootstrap capacitors. Bootstrapping is a method in which a portion of the amplifiers is taken and applied to the input. The prime objective of bootstrapping is to improve the input impedance. Networks R1,C1 and R2,C7 are meant for improving the high frequency stability of the circuit. C4 is the power supply filter capacitor. S1 is the standby switch. C8 is a filter capacitor. RF1 and RF2 sets the gain of the left and right channels of the amplifier in conjunction with the 39K internal feedback resistors.

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